Thursday, March 21, 2013

Single 2013: Oblivion

Oblivion 2013
Oblivion 2013 - Front

Oblivion is the latest single from Warhammer[WH].

This song is pretty special to me. Deals with an underworld place, known as Deadlands, from an RPG called Wraith: The Oblivion. The name and theme of the song is therefore Oblivion, and it develops as a new dead arrives at the Shadowlands, becoming immediately a Spectre, some kind of Demon from the ranks of Oblivion, an entity that means the end of the no-life of the wraiths. The Shadowlands go nuts and the chaos reign, finishing with Stygia, capital of the dead is destroyed while the spectres cross the Shroud that divide the living from the dead... Walking Dead any? Well this game is far, far older.

BTW, this song is the first one I did with a computer drum and bass. The guitars and voice were played by me.

Enjoy it.

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  1. Buena! No cachaba este blog. Estaba buscando lo que estaba editado para aprendermelo de nuevo, jajaja. Ya calibré mi nueva guitarra a MI así que le voy a dar por estos días para completar lo que falta. Hay algo más que tengas editado? Saludos!