Thursday, March 21, 2013

Single 2013: Oblivion

Oblivion 2013
Oblivion 2013 - Front

Oblivion is the latest single from Warhammer[WH].

This song is pretty special to me. Deals with an underworld place, known as Deadlands, from an RPG called Wraith: The Oblivion. The name and theme of the song is therefore Oblivion, and it develops as a new dead arrives at the Shadowlands, becoming immediately a Spectre, some kind of Demon from the ranks of Oblivion, an entity that means the end of the no-life of the wraiths. The Shadowlands go nuts and the chaos reign, finishing with Stygia, capital of the dead is destroyed while the spectres cross the Shroud that divide the living from the dead... Walking Dead any? Well this game is far, far older.

BTW, this song is the first one I did with a computer drum and bass. The guitars and voice were played by me.

Enjoy it.

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Single 2012: Old Rotten Whore

ORW 2012
Old Rotten Whore 2012 - Front

Old Rotten Whore (ORW for short), is the new 2012 single from Warhammer[WH].

ORW is a cool song that deals with th catholic church and its unholly hunger for power, money, wealth, punishment, extortion and sex with childs.

Simple and clear.

Enjoy it!

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Single 2012: NN

NN 2012
NN 2012 - Front

NN is the brand new single from Warhammer[WH].

It's a song about forgetfulness and treason. About the wounds that stays through time at many homes in Chile. People that lost its relatives due to the criminal actions taken by the Militar Dictatorial Regime between years 1973-1989.

It deals with the fact that if you ask to someone in Chile about a lost parent, son or relative, everyone, knows a relative or a friend who lost one of them to the hands of the militar (in)justice. The problem is not that indeed. The problem is that many of them, their bodies, were never recovered so their families have endured a never ending funeral, not knowing how, where or why they were killed.

Many of those dead were registered as NN (non namen, name not known) in the morgues or hospitals in the early days of the Regime. Those NN were abandoned by their friends in order to preserve their lives. They were butchered and buried, scattered in the desert or even thrown at the sea to erase any track of them. They became ghosts, living on the minds of those that remembered them, those that shared they dreams of a better world, they could be communists, but nevertheless, they were human. Now they're NN. Gone to the world.

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News... finally.

After a couple of years, for better or for worse, I'm uploading the latest material made singles.
We formerly recorded this material in a studio, drums for start and some bass and guitar as guidance to later edition, but the time passed by and we didn't recorded anything else. By 2010 when we begun releasing this singles series we thought we could made it fast and clean. At least that was our thoughts.
Our drummer, Ignacio Paz, left the band for a rock band called "La Cantina" late in 2010. We had no bass since earlier when I published information for a new recruit, so WH was just two people: Alejandro Ugarte and Fernando Muñoz. We agreed to record the whole lot of singles and guitars and bass and voice left, so we could start with a whole new material to create with the new members when they arrive. However, Alejandro Ugarte entered the ranks of Battlerage, a Heavy Metal band, and its time for recording was nearly none. I, Fernando Muñoz, decided to go on with Warhammer and make the effort to finish every song we had and record them to make them available to the public. It took time and I lost almost a year, but the new material is here.

I'll be releasing a few more this year, hopefully the whole bunch. For now, I have 3 new singles plus the first one. I'll leave here the link to the folder of the four singles released up till now. The URL for the individual singles will be on their own posts.

Greetings, and I wish you enjoy them!
Warhammer [WH] 2013

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

New links to download Souls of Warriors single!

We posted about 8 months ago (or something like that) our new single Souls of Warriors. Unfortunately we decided to upload it to Rapidshare, which deleted the file in copyrirght infringement fields… that’s absolutly STUPID cause we shared the files by ourselves and we have no label so we are infringing no fucking stupid rights of no dumbass. WE OWN the record. WE SHARE it on our will. So, to avoid that another stupid filehosting service decide we violate ourselves (something like a suicide??) without asking us first, or at least checking (come on, we’re not Metallica, nor any big band with bucks to persecute people for hearing music), we’re uploading our single to a bunch of sites for your democratic joy.
Here you’ve got:

2010 Souls of Warriors (Single) - Hotfile 
2010 Souls of Warriors (Single) - Uploadbox 
2010 Souls of Warriors (Single) - Uploading 
2010 Souls of Warriors (Single) – Megaupload 
2010 Souls of Warriors (Single) - Fileserve 
2010 Souls of Warriors (Single) - Filesonic 

Enjoy it!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Warhammer busca Bajista

A contar de Enero 2011 Warhammer está sin bajista, así que si eres un bajista que gusta del metal, especialmente del Thrash de los 80, estás equipado, tienes experiencia y ganas de participar y aportar en una banda con 12 años de trayectoria, eres bienvenido.

Para hacerte parte de esta experiencia o si estás interesado y quieres conversarlo, puedes comunicarte con pazpalma arroba gmail punto com, o a waradmin arroba warhammer-chile punto ce ele.

Nos vemos pronto!

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Souls of Warriors (Single) is here!!!

Souls of Warriors 2010
Here's the brand new single of Warhammer, Souls of Warriors.

After 3 years of long gaps between activity and total slumbering, we finally mixed the bits and pieces we got recorded in 2007 for the drums. Working at the "home studio" of Fernando Muñoz, we recorded both guitars, the bass guitar and the voice for our set of singles. The first to come out is this, "Souls of Warriors", a song that follows the events of the "Time of War" song from our previous Demo "Time of War" 2001. the warriors are dead, defeated, spilled on the battlefield, where no one has won, no glory, no vengeance. Death rules alone.